If you have not done this before, choosing new tires for your tractor can be quite tricky. But don't worry, we are here to help and are going to offer you five simple tips so that you will make the best choice, both for your tractor and for your wallet.

1. Choose the tires depending on the purpose the tractor has. For example, if it is used only for harvesting crops choose specialized tires that don't have a negative effect on the crops. In case the tractor has a general purpose, purchase the tires that offer the best compromise.

2. In case the tires that were installed on your tractor completely satisfied your needs and don't go over your allocated budget, we see no reason to go for other tires. It is unwise to change something that goes well.

3. You will have to choose between radial and bias tires. Pay attention to this choice because it is important depending on what you want from your tractor: handling, traction or the levels of soil compacting.

4. You should be very attentive with the load the tires support. Make sure the tires suit load of the tractor because they will wear out fast in case you overload it.

5. You will have to choose between expensive tires and cheaper ones. Now, don't rush towards the cheapest because you won't make any deal on long term. Make a compromise that will satisfy both your finances and the job that has to be done with the tractor.