One of the important aspects of tractor tires is the amount of traction that a tractor has. Good traction helps the ground to break up and improves the condition of the soil for planting. The heavier a tractor is, the better traction it has. Tractors are naturally heavy, but sometimes the weight of just the machine and tires is not enough to get satisfactory traction, and weight must be added to the tractor. While there are weights that can be added to the main body of a tractor, another simple way to add weight is to fill a tractor's tires with fluid, making the tires heavier and allowing the tractor to sit lower in the ground.

Different Liquids
There are a few different kinds of liquids that can be used to fill a tractor tire. One liquid is water. It costs nothing to use and is not toxic or caustic. The downside of water is that it can freeze in colder climates, and freezing can damage tires when the ice expands. A solution to water freezing is adding calcium chloride, which keeps the water from freezing. A solution of water and calcium chloride is useful in climates where temperatures are too cold for simple water. Warmer climates should have no problem using just water, as long as the temperature does not unexpectedly drop. Some other fluids that can be used are methanol, antifreeze (both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol), windshield wiper fluid, polyurethane foam, and beet juice.

Air and Fluids
When adding these fluids, it is important to remember that some air must be removed from the tire so that the pressure does not build up too much and damage the tire at all. Not all the air will need to be removed. The tire also cannot be filled completely because of pressure. The user should keep in mind that some chemicals used to fill tractor tires can be toxic, such as the wiper fluid, and one should use caution when handling the chemicals.

Knowing When to Use Fluids
If one's livelihood involves using a tractor, then having the soil ready depends on the traction that tractor tires get. It is not hard to get a tractor heavier, but one must know the best ways to increase weight. Filling the tires is simple and potentially more inexpensive than other methods of increasing weight. Knowing the best way to fill the tires safely is key to having a heavier tractor and better traction without spending too much.

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