Knowing how to change a tractor tire is a valuable skill. Here are a few guidelines to follow on how to change a tractor tire on your own.

Safety First
The first step in learning how to change a tractor tire is to make sure you can do so safely. Read any manufacturer's instructions or warnings. Wear protective eyewear. It also might be a good idea to have a second person help, especially if you have a large tractor. If you don't have the proper tools or appropriate safety gear, call a professional.

Stabilize your tractor
First make sure you are parked on a level surface, and then block both the front and rear wheels. After stabilizing, use a heavy-duty jack to raise the tractor until the wheels are no longer touching the ground.

Break the bead
Tire beads vary, so read the manufacturer's instructions. If your tire is designed with the valve stem on the outside, position the tire with the valve stem on top and deflate the tire by removing the valve core. Use an iron to loosen an area about six inches wide to insert the bead breaker tool, and lock the bead breaker to the tire rim. Use the same steps to break the inside bead. If the tube is stuck, use a tire spoon to loosen it.

Lubricate the bead and bead seat
Do not use anything other than an approved lubricant or mild vegetable oil soap to lubricate the bead. Anything else will damage the tire.

Remove the tire
Using two tire irons, slowly work the tire off the rim, starting at the bottom and pulling outwards. Work slowly-don't try to pry too large a section of the tire off at once. Once you remove the tire, clean the rim, check for damage, and cover the rim with rust preventative.

Mount the new tire
Lubricate the inside bead of the new tire using an approved mounting lubricant. First making sure the valve hole is at the bottom, use tire irons to slide the inside bead around the rim. Install the tube, inserting the valve through the valve hole, and inflate with a small amount of air. Lubricate the outside bead of the tire, and use tire irons to pull the bead over the tire rim in small sections.

Seat the bead
This is the final step in how to change a tractor tire. Lower tire until the rim is centered, check to make sure the beads and tire rims are aligned, and slowly inflate the tire using appropriate equipment until the beads are seated. After seating, deflate the tube and re-inflate according to your manufacturer's specifications.

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