Tractor tires can undergo much abuse as they are used. Eventually, a tractor tire will need to be replaced. It is important that someone get the right tire for his tractor, but without the right information, it is difficult to know what kind of tire to get, and especially what size. Some tires can be a similar size, but even a few inches can be the difference between a good fit and traction and a loose tire. Having the right information is key to purchasing the right tire, and there are several ways to find the right size tire.

Find the Original Size
One very easy way to find the correct size is to find out what tire that one's model of tractor originally had. This information can be found on the internet or from the dealer where the tractor was purchased. The latter is a good way to find the information because they will have the record of the purchase with them, if the tractor is new. They will also have the model number of the tractor, so one may find out what size tire comes with that particular model. Knowing the model number is useful for someone that has a used tractor.

Locate the Tire Number
Another way to find out the size of one's tractor tire is to look at the tire itself. The size, width, and rim diameter is usually printed on the tire. Not all tires have the size printed, but all tires do have the width and diameter somewhere on the tire. Having this information will help in finding a new tire because the owner does not even need to know the model number. Knowing the size numbers on the tire is helpful when one has a used, because a used tractor has endured more abuse and the tires may not last as long as they would on a new tractor. Having the size numbers on hand is helpful when one is shopping for a new tire.

Prepare to Change Your Tractor Tire
Knowing the size of a tractor tire is not a hard thing to know. The information is readily available on the tire, from a tractor seller, or by knowing the model number of the tractor. Tractor tires, like any other kind of tires, can be damaged or go flat, and need replacing. Having the information necessary to purchase a replacement tire is important, and everyone who regularly uses a tractor must be ready with the information when the time comes for the tire to be replaced.

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