Regardless of the vehicle that gets a flat tire, having a flat can be extremely frustrating for the owner of the vehicle. For those whose livelihood depends on having a tractor, a flat tire can be a serious problem that is not so easy to fix, because of safety concerns or other factors that can affect the Flat tires can be the result of the gradual decrease of air or tire damage, and the owner needs to know how to fix both problems should they arise.

Liquid in the Tire
Most tires gradually lose air over time, and it is no different with tractor tires. Tractor tires are not usually filled to capacity anyway, so they can go flatter faster. If a tire is filled with fluid to increase weight, then there will be even less air in the tire. If the tire is not damaged, then the flat can be repaired by refilling the tire. The user should be careful to make sure not to over fill the tire if there is fluid inside. Finding an air pump to fill a flat tire on a tractor is somewhat easy, since there are air pumps available at many gas stations.

Changing the Tire
Another way to fix a flat is to change the tire if the tire is damaged. A tear or hole in a tractor tire may prevent refilling it, so the option is to get a new tire. New tires can be expensive, so having a tire changer on hand can cut down on the expense and allow a tractor owner to have the convenience of changing a tire himself. Changing a damaged tire is complex and can be dangerous, especially with the size of tractor tires. They need to be disassembled partly in order to be changed, so the user should be cautious when using a tire changer to change the tire. The bolts, which are very tightly bolted most of the time, will need to be removed from the tire, and there may be some fluid left on the inside of the tire. It will most likely require more than one pair of hands to help with the whole process. Once the tire is replaced, the tractor will be usable again.

A Dirty Job
Fixing a flat tire is not a welcome necessity, but when a tire does need changing, knowing the best way to fix a flat is helpful. Regardless of whether a tractor owner just needs more air or a new tire, knowing what to do will ensure efficiency in changing a flat tire tractor and being able to get back to work.

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