There is always something to do on the farm; something always needs to be fixed, patched, watered, or mowed. As you look for your replacement tractor tires, here are a few tips that will help you to get the right tires ordered for the right price in the right amount of time.

Where To Start
First, make sure you buy the correct size of tires. Check on the side of your tire for the size number, and if you don't find it, check online to find the type of tire your tractor model takes. Finally, you can always find out the size you need from a tractor or tire dealer. Even if you do know the size of tire you need, it is a good idea to visit a tire or farm equipment store simply to talk to the staff and find out what is out there. Equipped with the knowledge from the associates, you will better know what brands and deals are reliable when you find them online. Otherwise, reading forums or emailing your tractor's company with questions will help you make sure you buy the right tires. Different tires are made for different terrains and the wrong tires will be destroyed quickly so make sure you check the type of terrain that the tires are made for. Also, determine your specific needs. Know which load rating you need, and be aware that there are two forms of describing tractor tire size, the standard and metric forms of tire measurement. Looking up these two different types of tire measurement with a search engine will help you understand size and usage codes.

Buying Used Tires Online
Buying used tires is not generally recommended, and if you buy them online, you cannot check the tires over for wear. If you buy used tires, simply cover a few bases. If you are able to see the tire before purchase, check treads and sidewalls for wear. Also, make sure that the seller has high ratings.

Buying New Tires Online
If possible, buy new tires with at least a one year warranty. Though these cost more, but they are more reliable and will last longer. Also, to save money on new tires, try to buy wholesale. Since you will probably need at least four tires anyway, look into package prices. Now that you've done your homework, you can buy your tires! Online sellers will accept credit card, check, or Pay Pal, and most will ship the tires directly to your door. When they arrive, installation instructions can be found through a search engine.