Tractor tires are big and designed to resist at all types of terrain, but like any other tire they do wear out in time and cannot avoid punctures. And there is one more thing about tractor tires, they are extremely expensive compared to the tires every one of us uses at their car. Because a lot of money is required when you have to replace all four tires from your tractor, people often look for alternative solutions to purchasing new tires.

The financial crisis that hit most parts of the economy has made every one of us look for wiser ways of spending money, therefore more and more people started to be interested in used tractor tires. But do they represent a great deal, or when we draw the line we are going to notice that we have paid the same price? If it would be for car tires, we would recommend you to stay away from used tires because if you don't know what you are doing you can put your safety in danger. However, what is the worst that can happen if you install used tires on your tractor?

Definitely new tires will last longer and will do the job better, but is it worth paying that much for them when we can do approximately the same thing with used tires that cost less than a half? If you use your tractor at a farm, you already know that making money is pretty hard these days, so we advise you to take in to consideration fitting your tractor with used tires, because at the moment they represent a much better deal than new ones. Just make sure they are in good condition.