One of the fun things about farming is the equipment, but it can also be one of the hassles. If an office worker's equipment fails, he has a laptop or a pen or some other small item to dispose of. Farmers or home landscapers alike will often find themselves with large pieces of equipment or parts to find alternate uses for. With innovation, some of the pieces can be reused or quickly disposed of without much trouble.

How to Reuse Old Tractor Tires
Tractor tires have become a pastime for American landscape. We can all picture the quaint scene of 3 rosy cheeked children playing in a sand filled tractor tire, or we've seen the tastefully planted flower beds surrounded by the black or the white painted tire. Also, perhaps the most famous use is the tire swing, a sturdy and easy to assemble ride that will thrill children for hours. Most tire uses can be created quickly and easily with good results. Some have sawed tractor tires in halves or quarters and used them to hold up small embankments or rows in their gardens. These tire retaining walls will last much longer than wood. Tire halves or quarters can also provide steps in walking trails or seats for hikers or walkers, and if the tires are shredded up, the rubbery substance will make a soft and durable ground cover for playground areas or an inexpensive and long lasting mulch for gardens.

How to Dispose of Old Tires
If you just want to get rid of the tires, you can call your local dump to find out how much they charge per tire. Sometimes, different junk yard's prices vary widely so calling around is a good idea. Also, check if some yards have prices for 'per truckload' instead of ' per tire.' These details can affect prices. Usually, the junk yard is an expensive route so if you can find another means, it would be worth your while. Many people are looking for tires for their children's play area, their gardens, or their own projects. Posting the tires for free in the local want ads, setting up 'free tractor tires' signs, or letting neighbors and friends know about them may pay off. One man's trash is another man's treasure. You may even be able to sell them for a profit if you are willing to advertise.

Old Tire Warnings
Some tires are reinforced with steel; these are not suggested for playgrounds since for safety reasons. Also, before disposing of or reusing tires, check into zoning laws in your area.

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